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The Perfect Plan

For the purpose of this conversation, I’m going to refer to some important numbers: 68.8, 24.7, and 10,000. They will come into play later on, but I want get them on the table now. Before we take a closer look, I’d like to answer some…

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Power Your Process

Thank you for joining us for our discussion of the last part of our three-part series. Hopefully, that glass of water from last time was refreshing and you’re ready to Focus on what’s next. I’m excited about discussing Power with you because one of the…

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Focus on The Process

Welcome to another edition of the PT Fitness Blog. When we first started our conversation, I invited you to go get some ice-cream. Right now, I want you to get some water. Refill your water bottle, buy a bottle, grab a glass, just get some…

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The Heart of The Process

At the start of this Blog Series, I invited you to have some ice-cream with me. I let you know that I don’t want to take anything away from you. As a fitness professional, it’s my job to hear your goals and help you plot…

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Fuel for the Road

Welcome back to another edition of The PT Fitness Blog.  Let’s talk about travel for a minute.  In fact, come take a road trip with me.  The car is packed, we’ve put together a great road trip playlist, and we just need to fuel up….

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Have Some Ice Cream

Hello.  My name is Ron Green.  I’m a fitness professional, and I want you to have some ice cream.  This isn’t a clever trick to show you how bad your diet is or an attempt to shame you for your menu choices.  It’s the opposite…

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