Congrats Brittany – HNC

Congratulations Brittany on receiving your certification as a Holistic Nutritionist with AFPA Fitness! Brittany has always been passionate about nutrition and specifically holistic nutrition and health. This certification is allowing her to grow her knowledge & skills, to continue to help women and men with their lifelong relationship with health & wellness. Brittany learned an abundance of information especially on how to implement nutrition, and lifestyle modifications to support one’s optimal health.

Brittany is excited to use her certification to help coach, consult and advise clients on how to identify and help correct nutritional causes of health complaints. By designing personalized diet and lifestyle programs that optimize health, Brittany will help motivate clients to reach their long-term goals.

Brittany believes in the philosophy behind holistic nutrition and wellness and its ability to help clients reach their own optimum health. The body is a powerful being and as human beings, she believes we get to choose what we put in our bodies. The healthier and more wholesome foods we consume, the better chance at life we get!