When most folks approach PT Fitness, or any fitness program for that matter, they arrive with two thoughts on their mind: exercise, and diet.

One of the first challenges we face is helping people let go of those notions so they can see the bigger picture. As a coach, I enjoy challenging my clients to realize that their wellness is about their community, their connectedness, their mental health, and yes, movement and nutrition.

If you approach us set on doing little more than working out, we can accommodate you, but you’re going to miss out what truly helps our clients achieve their goals of a healthy lifestyle. I’m not afraid to tell you that there are hundreds of workout applications and online systems that will help you work out. What those products fail to do is provide you with a community of individuals and wellness tactics that go well beyond working up a sweat. The relationships that I build with my clients and that they build with each other become the platform for a sustainable lifestyle that focuses on your wins. I want to be your Coach.

If you’re already working out, terrific. Your best practices will blend seamlessly with our system. If you need to add movement to your lifestyle, we’re going to get you started and then give you a bounty of resources to help you find happiness.

PT Fitness Coaching is bigger than you think because you deserve more than just a workout and diet tips. You deserve a coach and a community that will engage with you, celebrate with you, and benefit from your presence as well.

Let PT Fitness provide you with a program that works with your budget and your busy schedule!

PT Fitness Online
This is an online community that provides workouts, social interaction, and group coaching. Receive inside communication with trainers and all participants to build accountability, motivation and consistency. Recurring monthly rate. Eligibility for discounts on any live events PTF hosts.

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Reviews: PTF online is a great way to connect with the PT Fitness Family. PTF online has allowed me to connect with members who are working on their fitness journey. Through the workouts and the online coaching, I have received solid advice,  encouragement and support  from trainers and other PTF members on goal setting for my nutrition and workouts.  The PTF community keeps me motivated to keep going in achieving my goals. Sara B. 

Just gotta say I’m loving the online power coaching sessions with you and the group. Melissa M.

Keep moving, don’t feel like you need to be perfect in either eating or working out, but hold yourself accountable. The more you move, the more you want to keep doing it. If yesterday wasn’t so good, today is a new day to start again! Ellie F.