Have Some Ice Cream

Hello.  My name is Ron Green.  I’m a fitness professional, and I want you to have some ice cream.  This isn’t a clever trick to show you how bad your diet is or an attempt to shame you for your menu choices.  It’s the opposite and I’m being sincere.  Let’s have some ice-cream.

Through the course of the articles we’ll be publishing, you’re going to read words and phrases like, “nutrition budget, health profile, and – one you’re probably familiar with – best practices.”  These terms describe the tools we’ll be using to measure your fitness level as it compares to your desired lifestyle.  Put another way, we’re going to take a look at what you’re doing, where it’s gotten you, and where you’d like to be.

Hearing a fitness professional offer you ice cream was likely a surprise.  Here’s another one: throw your scale away.  Scales only measure your weight.  There’s no setting for joy, the read-out doesn’t tell anything about what kind of day you’ve had.

So, ice cream: good, scale: bad.  How are we supposed to realize fitness goals when everything I’ve said so far is backward?  The answer is that we are going to keep moving backward, starting with that ice cream.  Let’s visualize the bowl.  Picture the spoon resting on the side and your favorite flavor is sitting in the middle just waiting to be enjoyed.  Now let’s follow the backward path of your dessert.  Bowl, freezer, grocery bag, car, grocery cart, freezer section, shelf.  Now let’s leave the ice cream there on the shelf and keep going in reverse.  You’re standing in front of the ice cream freezer, you’re picking out your cart, you’re parking your car, you’re leaving the house, you’re making your grocery list but, wait a minute.  There’s no ice cream on the list but, it is in your cart.  How did it get there?  You may not immediately know.  To tell you the truth, neither did I at first.

Throughout the course of these articles, we’re going to take a look at what else was in your cart that day we just reverse-engineered.  We’ll take a look at what’s on your plate and in your cups and bowls.  We’ll look at your micro-transactions and your micro-transgressions.  We’re going to look at how much you move, what keeps you moving and why.  We’ll figure out your “Why” and then we’ll ask, “Why is your why your why?”  I believe that we at PT Fitness, combined with a few systems in place, can be part of your next best decision.  We’re going to have some fun, break a sweat, break some habits and form some new ones.  We’ll do all of this together.

But first, ice cream.

I’m Ron Green, I’m a fitness professional, I want you to have some ice cream and so much more.