The Heart of The Process

At the start of this Blog Series, I invited you to have some ice-cream with me. I let you know that I don’t want to take anything away from you. As a fitness professional, it’s my job to hear your goals and help you plot the course to reach those goals. If you’ve spent any time at all around me or the PT Fitness culture, you’ve heard my mantra: Heart, Focus, Power. When I examine the Why, How, and What of what I do, my decisions are made through a simple filter. I ask if what I’m doing is informed by my Heart, my Focus, or my Power. Over the next few blog posts, we’re going to look deeply into each of those three elements. I will show you how to examine your goals in full light of Heart, Focus, Power. This month, let’s look at the Heart of the matter.

Another way of looking at your Heart is asking, “Why?” Think about all the priorities you put in front of fitness activity. You may not even realize that you’ve prioritized some of the elements in your life. However, in the economy of our lives, how you spend your time is what you value the most. So, your Fitness Why is the motivator that will supersede any distractions. Your Why will get you up early, push you for the extra mile, and motivate you to cook healthy meals at home. Your Why is not your fitness goal. It is the reason you’ve set a goal. When focusing on your Heart, you’ll find that it’s easy to compromise on goals that don’t really matter much to you. However, when your Why is undeniably the driver behind making healthier choices, your path becomes clear.

You’ve probably heard an exchange like this at least once in your life:
Buford: Hey some of us are getting together after work. You should come out with us.
Dylan: Man, I’d love it, but I can’t. I have to go workout.

The reason Dylan turned down the invitation isn’t because he has to go work out. Working out was just his daily goal. His real Why is something so important to him that hanging out after work was never really an option. He has identified a true motivator in his life – maybe he wants to look good in his wedding tuxedo or he’s recently been given a less-than-stellar bill of health. Whatever the case may be, Dylan’s economy is centered on making that effort. If someone like Dylan starts down the path of fitness without first checking in with their Heart, the first casualty is consistency followed immediately by results.

I hope I haven’t spooked you! Finding your Why doesn’t have to be something monumental. It just has to be bigger than the priorities that don’t coincide with what really matters in your Heart. Some of my favorite clients are brides-to-be. They recognize the scarcity of time and they are epically bought-in to the mission of being fitter, healthier, and happier on their big day. They never miss a day and they never say, “That’s enough.” They are truly in touch with their Why and I don’t recommend ever standing between a determined bride and her goal.

Something else to note about finding your Heart: Your Why can, and often does, change. Take the example above. If all goes well, she’ll only be a Bride once, so her Heart will need to change its Focus on a new reason to stay committed to healthy choices.

Finally, don’t complicate this step. I find that it can be a sticking point for folks. While your Why needs to be strong and well-weighted, it doesn’t have to be anything more complicated than, “I want to enjoy my kids.”

Sometime this week (or RIGHT NOW), I’d like you discover your Heart. Remembering that your Heart is your “Why,” write down three reasons to make healthier decisions. Examine those three reasons and spot the one that will serve as that voice in the back of your head. Find the reason that will drive your eating habits, your decisions, and the pace at which you attack your goals. The only wrong answers are the ones that won’t stand up to obstacles. Put your statement somewhere you’ll see it regularly. I’d love you to share your Heart with someone in your life, but that’s up to you. When we get into Focus, we’ll talk about how to use your Why to prescribe your How. Until then, don’t complicate this first step. Find your Heart, find your Why, get moving.

See you soon,

Ron Green

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