Power Your Process

Thank you for joining us for our discussion of the last part of our three-part series. Hopefully, that glass of water from last time was refreshing and you’re ready to Focus on what’s next. I’m excited about discussing Power with you because one of the biggest elements of Power is excitement. Power, in our context, means your accomplishment.  Acknowledging and celebrating your accomplishment is monumental in completing the cycle.

I love Underdog stories, most people do.  But why is that? What about the victory of the unlikely hero is so compelling? Don’t Champions work hard to attain and maintain their spot at the top? Legacy sports teams like the New England Patriots and the New York Yankees have held their place of victory, not by resting on their laurels, but by grinding every season for every win. Yet, when these teams get rousted by the up-and-comer, we can’t get enough.

A part of the equation is that Underdogs are often unproven and frequently appear to be out-matched. We all love the drama of a close game and great competition, so when that drama is amplified by the presence of the least-likely-to-win candidate – well, that’s what competition is all about.

Having said that, I’ll tell you a secret about Underdogs. Underdog victories are a surprise to everyone except the Underdog. The sprinter who woke up at 5:00 am every day to get an edge on her rival, the basketball player who sacrificed time with friends and family to raise their free-throw percentage – these people aren’t surprised by their win. We weren’t there to see the improvement, the grinding, and the sacrifice. We have no idea what their commitment to winning looked like leading to the moment of truth. But what moment are we a part of? We get to be there for the victory, the celebration. The Power.

As a coach, I’m always looking for opportunities to celebrate with my clients. It inspires me to see them putting in the work and achieving their goals. Sometimes that means celebrating by the hour, the week, or inch by inch. That is the second secret of the Victorious Underdog. They’ve tapped into their Power every step of the way. Each workout, extra lap, and good decision they made was given due celebration. Folks arrive to our workouts in tune with their Heart. They have a trainer and a plan to maintain their Focus. The cycle can begin again when we celebrate their Power.

Would you believe that half of the clients I meet for the first-time regard themselves as Underdogs? They have goals, but believe they are out-matched in the challenges they’ll be facing. They are unproven, so their victory isn’t expected. What I know to be true is that inside of each of you who identify as the Underdog, is the heart of a Champion waiting to show their Power to themselves. I’m as inspired when you achieve your desired goal, as I am when you complete your first session – which always ends with a high-five. I want you to know that no matter how far the finish line may seem sometimes, if you look back, you’ll see how far you’ve come from the Starting Line. Whether you’ve gone ten steps or ten miles, it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate that accomplishment. Doing so will reinforce your belief in the process and reinvigorate your Heart, to start the Cycle of Success all over again. We at PT Fitness make a point of celebrating every moment of Power – one more push up, one more lap, a week of meal prep, or your smile when your clothes fit perfectly.

After the last article, many of you took time to send me message me that you’d had a glass of water. Even though there was some humor in those moments, we were giving each other virtual high-fives. You took a small step toward doing something great for yourself and I was proud to celebrate your Power.

If you’ve been on a road to a healthier lifestyle for a while, you’ve probably already had people celebrating with you. How many times have you heard, “Are you losing weight? You look great!” Have your friends commented on your increased energy level or your renewed sense of confidence? That’s the Power we’re talking about. I know a salesman who says, “The best time to get a sale is right after you’ve closed one.” There is no greater motivator than success. Dissatisfaction with your lifestyle or the way you feel about yourself is fine early on, but it’s not sustainable. What is sustainable is the joy of accomplishment that you experience with each victory, especially when it’s shared with others.

Remember what we said in our discussion on Focus: your success depends on your belief that you can accomplish your goals. Well, that belief is reinvigorated through Power. Your Heart gets you moving, your Focus keeps you moving the right direction, your Power provides the pat on the back to do it again. The pattern of behavior leading to accomplishment and celebration happens at the micro- and the macro-level. Not only can you celebrate achieving smaller goals, accomplishing those goals empowers you to take on the next task, the next challenge, the next moment by which you will define yourself. What starts with a glass of water instead of a soda becomes walking for 30 minutes instead of sitting on the couch. That 30-minute walk becomes the celebration at the finish line of a 5k, 10k, half marathon or your first 100-mile bike ride. Whether your Heart has lead you to the water fountain or a yoga class, if your Focus is to reduce your sugar intake or measure every calorie, we want you to find the Power in all of those moments. The Power of those moments will trigger your Heart to take on a new Focus and the cycle repeats itself. Heart. Focus. Power. See why we say it all the time?

So, what does the celebration of your Power look like? The answer to that question is as varied as the moment that got you there. It’s the fist-pump when the putt sinks, it’s the empty water bottle because you stuck to your plan, the loose-fitting jeans, the compliment from the co-worker, and it’s your coach saying, “I know that was hard and I’m proud of you.”

Whether you’re an Underdog, the up-and-comer, or the reigning Champion of your goals, we want to be a part of the celebration. Wherever you are in your journey, we’re here to look back with you and tell you that we know it was hard. We’re proud of you.

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