B’s Caulipowered Vegan Pizza

1 frozen caulipowered pizza crust (paleo uses here)
Drizzle of olive oil
2 tsp garlic (amount based on your liking truly)
1-2 tsp oregano
1/3 of miyokos smoked mozzarella block, diced or grated
Veggies of your choice chopped up (jalapeños, bell peppers, red onion pictured)
Optional: add your favorite meat to make it work for you.

Unwrap your frozen crust. Top with garlic, oregano and any other seasoning you may prefer. Sprinkle out your chopped veggies. Top with cheese. Drizzle a little oil. Put in the oven & cook based on box instructions.

Optional: top with fresh arugula for the last minute of cooking.

Tip: once cooked, broil for 1-2 minute if you want the crust to crisp up a bit.


Recipe by Brittany B. PT Fitness CPT