B’s 5 Favorite On The Go Snacks

  1. Fresh fruit – cut some up the night before or when you meal prep and keep them in individual containers to grab on the go.
  2. Mixed nuts – measure out into baggies/containers for an easy to grab snack all week long.
  3. Protein bars – these are easy to grab, I’ll often pair one up with a to go pack of almond butter. Be sure to read the labels, not all bars are created equal.
  4. Smoothies – these can be mixed up the night before or measured ingredients into a bag the night before, toss in the freezer & blend up in the morning.
  5. Pre-packed hummus with veggies – many stores now carry mini hummus or guac packs often with veggies. If they don’t come with veggies, put your own in a baggie for the week.

Written by Brittany B. Certified Personal Trainer