Ron Green is so much more than just a trainer.  He is a mentor, an inspiration, a confidant, a friend, a coach.  He doesn’t just plan your journey, he walks it with you and makes sure you are heading in the right direction.  More often than not, I would take a wrong turn, and instead of getting frustrated, Ron would simply explain how that turn made my journey even more important.  He is not driven on perfection, but rather improvement, and is always ready to serve up a dose of reality when you aren’t feeling emotionally strong.  He finds the positive spin in everything, and above all else, his patience is unmatched.  Anyone would benefit from the “can do” energy he brings.  He has taught me the goal is not always to be the “thinnest” me, but the healthiest, happiest version of myself, and that there is no final destination in your personal fitness journey because you are constantly growing and striving to do better.  It’s a way of life, not a goal weight, and everything you do has to have purpose and intention.  I am grateful to have Ron in my life.
Amanda M.
PTF online is a great way to connect with the PT Fitness Family. PTF online has allowed me to connect with members who are working on their fitness journey. Through the workouts and the online coaching, I have received solid advice,  encouragement and support  from trainers and other PTF members on goal setting for my nutrition and workouts.  The PTF community keeps me motivated to keep going in achieving my goals.
Thanks for all you and Brittany do Ron. This has been a much needed program for me, as slow as I was to admit it and sign up. You have done a great job in your work and I’ve appreciated all you’ve done for myself  and St. Paul over these 8 years. 
Sara B. 
After every coaching call with Ron, I am inspired to take an additional step towards a healthier lifestyle. I used to feel discouraged when I didn’t see results quickly, and Ron said to me “if it took you 3 years to gain x amount of weight, why do you think it’ll take only 3 months to lose it?” To this day, those words remind me that results take time and to keep going. Since then, Ron has helped me reach and celebrate every single milestone. I remember the days I was out of breath by the time I reached the top of the stairs and how proud I was the day I realized I was no longer trying to catch my breath when I reached the top. He taught me that is a win. When I get out of bed to work out in the morning, that is a win. Ron helps you see ALL the wins in your life.
Nancy D
Your work has been an encouragement to me all these years and has changed the way I think about moving, eating, living, etc.
Katie S. 
Just gotta say I’m loving the online power coaching sessions with you and the group. They are encouraging and so helpful for me – especially during these past few months when we’ve had to be at home.
Melissa M.

Throughout the past 10 or so years of my life, I have always craved the feeling of being healthy and in shape. I bounced around between gyms, fitness classes and tried to eat decently healthy. It always came in waves of motivation, and nothing would ever stick for longer than a few months.

Discovering PT Fitness is one of the best things that has happened to me. Ever. The workouts are fun, at your own pace (AND they never get easier…), and the people I get to work out with every day are incredibly supportive and just awesome new friends/workout buddies. There is something addicting about this place, and everyone that tries it understands.

My before/after photos were over the course of 5 months and were a result of me making a commitment to my workouts and following the PT Fitness Meal Plan.. Working out and eating right has (finally) become a lifestyle that know I will execute for the rest of my life and PT Fitness is the reason.

After working out with this group for a little over a year and getting results that changed my life, I felt the need to pursue fitness as a career so that I could help others reach their goals and feel good about themselves. I am now a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM and am employed by the company that got me here – PT Fitness!!

Sharon C.

photo 2photo 1

I would like to take the time to personally thank you, Nancy and Sharon for training me throughout the years even though I gave y’all dirty looks and cuss a lot during the workouts (like a whole lot mentally), and for pushing me, keeping me on track as much as possible, and following up with me.  I could not have met and have been inspired by a better group of people.  Thank you for always having my best interest.  Thank you for always being honest with me and never suggesting fad diets or trends. In addition to consistently monitoring my form and suggesting modifications to prevent injuries.  Thank you because you will never know how much stronger I feel mentally and physically from what everyone has taught me.  PT Fitness is the best. I will truly miss PT Fitness dearly.

Who would have thought 3+ years ago when I participated in a free boot camp class at Clearfork, I would be crying about leaving you guys??

Bricia A.

My first time to boot camp, I had no idea what to expect. Within a few minutes, I felt so welcomed and knew I was going to love it. I’ve been going for 3 months now, and it has become something I look forward to each time. Ron and everybody there are awesome – encouraging and supportive. Having people that are expecting me to be there and to push myself while I am there is so helpful and motivating. I also got on the meal plan after a month of boot camp. I had seen results from others and knew I had to have both the workouts and the healthy eating to see the results I wanted. And after two months on the meal plan, I am seriously seeing those results! It has been so awesome seeing my body change and to feel so healthy. And bonus – the food on the meal plan is great! It’s really teaching me a healthy approach to eating and showing me that eating well tastes good, too!

2 months bootcamp/meal plan results photo 3

Sarah M.

My goal when I joined Above Average Boot Camp was to be healthier, for me, and for my family.   Because of that I’m healthier, I’m stronger, I have more confidence in my abilities, and…I’m having FUN!!

Krystal B

ashley nike halfLast weekend a friend asked me when I started getting into running. I stumbled to answer the question because it’s not running that I have taken up as a hobby, it’s PT Fitness bootcamp. I ran my first half marathon this year and just recently ran my second and my favorite thus far, the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco. I wasn’t nervous about running at either of these events because I knew the cardio and strength conditioning at bootcamp had increased my endurance and served as my training. I have to admit, the hills in San Francisco were tough, but I felt strong (Ron’s leg day work outs paid off) and it was a great feeling! Bootcamp not only prepared me for these races, but it was what inspired me to sign up for them in the first place.

For me, PT Fitness bootcamp has become more than just a work out class – I have met a group of wonderful and inspiring people who encourage each other, volunteer in the community together and who share a common passion for living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Thank you Ron and everyone at PT Fitness!

Ashley C.






I absolutely LOVE this class, the instructor and participants. Each person is encouraged to participate at their own pace. I highly recommend this fun and energetic class to anyone who is wanting to get healthy again!

Elida F.

Sharon has been amazing!  We have not made this job easy for her.  We are “multi” family Managers that always can find endless reasons and excuses……… She remains positive, motivating, and inspiring despite our periodic unwillingness…… She s a tough cookie and we appreciate her more than we show, especially at times.

Britney W.

After two months of working out regularly,  I found that I felt stronger and healthier, but my clothes were still not fitting the way that I wanted.  My eating habits were certainly questionable as I often let stress and a busy schedule dictate my food choices.  I decided to give the PT Fitness Meal Plan a try and that is when all of the pieces to my fitness journey fell into place.  After four months on the Meal Plan plus my regular workouts, I went from a size 12 to a size 6.  The meal plan totally changed how I approach eating.  It enabled me to prepare my meals for the entire week before the busy work-week began and the support and accountability from the community helped me stay on track.

  • The PT Fitness Meal Plan does more than just keeping me on track with calorie intake.  It ensures that I am receiving a balanced diet that will fuel me for the entire day, workouts and all!
  • Each morning, I pack all of my meals for the day inside of a cooler.  No matter if I have to work late or an appointment runs longer than expected, my healthy-eating resolve will not suffer.
  • Eating the right types of foods evenly spaced throughout the day keeps me on track with my eating and the “I could gnaw my arm off I’m so hungry” moments don’t occur.
  • I love the variety of meals each week.  Your tastebuds to not have to suffer in order to lose weight!
  • Some of my family’s favorite go-to meals are recipes I received through the PT Fitness Meal plan.
  • No time is spent wondering what to eat or wondering what the portion size should be.
  • Following the PT Fitness Meal Plan month after month has taught me how to feed myself better and my family too!

This one is from Ron, but it stuck with me and helped me change the way I thought about food:  Do you know what you are doing next Saturday?  Do you know what you will eat next Saturday?  Why not?  Your food intake should be planned the same way as the other important events in your life.

From my husband, David A:  The meal plan has helped me support my wife in her weight loss goals.  We work together to prepare the meals for the week, and if she strays from the plan, it is the community members and trainers that are holding her accountable.  A bonus for a happy marriage indeed!

Carrie A.

Seeing my personal results as well as having an awesome and encouraging trainer help keep motivated.  Above Average Boot Camp at PTFitness has been a great experience!

Kristie R.

Thank you for the quality time and energy you have shared with me. Your encouragement has changed my view on fitness. With your guidance I broke through many fears (carbs, jumping on steps and the arm walk on the treadmill). But most of all I learned that when it comes to lasting life changes, the journey is more fulfilling with someone by my side.

You represent your brand well “Heart Power Focus”. In my culture we refer to people like you as having “chispa” (spark). Sometimes our own light goes out and we need is a little spark from someone else to light us up again.

Gracias, gracias, gracias!!!!

Rosa M

I have had the good fortune of knowing Ron Green for about seven years now and I have been in a business Mastermind Group with him for the past one and a half years. In this group we learn about and help each other grow our respective businesses. This has given me great insight into Ron’s goals and vision for PT fitness.

Ron is not only a great friend but he is a man of hig h character and integrity. He truely has a passion for helping people meet their health goals and is a natural born leader. His commitment to putting on the Dirty Scurry every year, to get kids active and fight youth obesity ( Which is a hugh undertaking) speaks volumes as to what a great guy he is!

I have done both personal training and bootcamps with Ron the last couple of years and have seen tremendous results! I’ve been able to keep 15 pounds off. I feel better, have more energy, better mobility and my lower back no longer gives me any problems.

I can strongly recommend Ron and PT Fitness to everyone!

Glenn S.

6 months of PT Fitnes…you tell me how it’s working!!! Thanks Ron!!!

DSC00088 deanna after a

Deanna J.

Hey Ron…just have to tell you how much you have done for me.  I am so glad I got back to the gym and then decided to have you as my personal trainer.  You have made me feel so much better and healthier.  I love the results I have obtained so far and look forward to striving and continuing good health, diet and exercise.  I just can not say enough of your dedication to making sure I get the most out of my time with you.  You have become a great friend also to me, and its so much fun going to the gym, knowing you are there with me or even when you have other clients.  I will miss everyone, I met from the gym, and I hope they all reach and maintain there goals.  But I will miss you the most and I look forward to emails and advice from you and just to catch up on everything.  My life is so much better, I have the girl of my dreams I am going to marry and I have great health.  Thanks so much, Ron, I wish your family and you all the best and I look forward to returning next year and getting back with you…take care my friend and as you say…HAVE A FIT DAY!!!!…cheers!” 
”PS…Please wish everyone the best if I do not see them…Ty!!”

Donny H.

“After having a baby I had a lot of weight to lose. My goal was to lose all my baby weight and tone my body.  With PT Fitness I reached my goal. I look and feel great and I couldn’t have done it on my own.”

DSC00108 DSC00152DSC00238

Carly V.

“I have been working out with Ron since the first of the year and am extremely pleased with the results! I actually look forward to my 3x week workouts-a first for me!! I have done lots of diets, and exercise programs over the years but with Ron I finally feel like I am losing weight and building a better body the RIGHT WAY!”

Kathy R.

“Ron, thank you so much for everything.  I never could have done this without you.  You pushed me to limits I never knew existed.  You kept me motivated and I thank you for that.  I feel better about myself and I am definitely a lot healthier and in better shape because of you.  You are a passionate and caring trainer and I hope good things just keep coming your way.  Thanks again and  I appreciate everything you have done for me.”

Jill A.

“I have been working out with Ron three times a week since Jan 1st of this year and am thrilled with my results!  What Ron has offered me is a personal touch that I could not get from a big gym.  Ron listens to you and helps you achieve the goals you have set for yourself.  He takes a very active role in your health and will do whatever he can to help you achieve true success. Thanks Ron!!”

Trey M.

“I just wanted to thank you for helping me get in great shape these last few weeks.  I can honestly say I feel like I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in and I couldn’t have done it without your help, support & knowledge!  I now understand so much more about getting in shape & maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I hope to keep in touch & plan on getting even stronger & better in shape.  I will let you know the outcome of the FBI.  I don’t plan on reapplying so once I get word I hope to pick up some sessions to make sure I’m again ready.

Thanks for everything-you’re a great trainer & I can see the passion you have for what you do!  I’ve had a couple of trainers in the past at gyms and after this, I’ve seen just how much I missed out on!  Thanks again for everything!”

Cassi B.

I just want to thank y’all so much!!! I’m very happy with what results I got and how awesome Ron was, he was extremely motivating and helpful. Which is what we need!!  I’m very interested in doing it again soon. Thanks again!!!

Felicia M


I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for my lacrosse career.  Your training was instrumental in my lacrosse success and consequently my attendance to Stanford.  Your intensity kept me motivated to achieve my goal of playing college lacrosse.  I am so excited to play at the next level and I can’t thank you enough!

Fraser, Kyle Kyle lax 2

Love Kyle F