Achieve your goals.

PT Fitness’ boot camp is a fun, motivating, dynamic group program!  Our program is geared towards developing cardiovascular and muscular strength endurance. Our mission is to see you strong, confident and healthy.  Whether you are just trying to get back in shape after having a baby or you are an avid runner this class is for you! GET RESULTS!

Find your pace.

Our boot camps are self-paced, however we want you to push yourself.  Our job is to push you as well, but we want to see an effort from you.  Keep in mind that it’s your workout.  Do what you can do and do not worry about anyone else.

Commit to a healthy lifestyle.

Becoming the healthier person you desire isn’t an easy task which is why we offer circuit workouts that are challenging while enjoyable, energetic, and encouraging.  It’s a great way to kick start the season and get in shape.  You will lose weight, inches and body fat while developing muscle tone during our gimmick free training program.

You can expect to feel better while you are becoming stronger.  You will meet new friends that will encourage and inspire you.  You will improve your fitness level and look great!

Most classes are held outdoors or in the warehouse, so be prepared to defend yourself against surprise elements like wind, rain and elusive sasquats. Be sure to wear comfortable sneakers and bring an exercise mat, towel, and small hand weights (3-5lbs).

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