Tis the Season To Stay Healthy

This is the time of year we give ourselves too much latitude when it comes to eating and holiday-partyworkouts.  With the new year fast approaching people tend to take the next two weeks off from exercise and healthful eating. Make this the year that you continue a healthy routine during the season.

On average people gain five pounds during the next two weeks indulging on too much food and drink.  We allow ourselves to overindulge justifying our behavior because these are “Special occasions”.

Make a commitment to maintain your current weight over the next two weeks.  Even if you don’t lose any weight you are still ahead of the game come January 1 when you make that fresh start for the new year. You won’t have that additional five pounds to lose with your new year’s resolution.

Remember just because you are at a holiday party it isn’t necessarily a “Special occasion”.  That food and drink at the party is available any time of year making it not so special.

Here are a few ideas the help you along:

  • Start each day with a healthy breakfast
  • Make sure to get your workouts in religiously the next two weeks with no excuses
  • Going out to eat, check out the menu online and commit to a healthy choice before you go
  • Set a two-drink limit for your holiday party and avoid high calorie non-alcoholic drinks like cider and eggnog
  • Save your dessert calories for Mom’s Christmas cookies or something you only get once a year and are cheat worthy (not the store-bought cake someone brought to work)
  • Keep up your water intake to fend off false hunger and cravings

There is no reason to completely deny yourself in the next couple of weeks but don’t give yourself permission to stop your healthy routine completely.  Think before you impulsively eat and ask yourself if that indulgence is worth it, chances are it is not.

Nancy McBride
PT Fitness Certified Personal Trainer, Behavior Change & Weight Loss Specialist