The Process

Heart. Focus. Power.

These are the three basic components of a healthy lifestyle, a system, and a guideline for making choices. When you boil down what’s motivating you to the purest elements, you lose all the gimmicks and superficial motivators that flood the fitness world. I cannot stress enough that, whatever other ideas surface about healthy living, two components never change: food and movement.

Among the variables that complicate matters are motivation, consistency, and perspective. Your motivation, your Heart, must be something that truly drives you every day. Consistency is made possible through Focus. As long as you remember to celebrate every decision, every right step you take forward towards your goals, your Power will keep your perspective right where it needs to be.

At the start of our conversation, the start of the start, my first message to you was a promise not of a thinner self or more athletic prowess. It was of ice-cream. I just wanted to share some ice-cream with you. Since then we’ve talked about what else goes into your grocery cart, how much of it, and why.

As we continued, I hope the message remained simple. As we discussed with your Heart, we maintained a connection to the “why” of your decisions. Tracking how your decisions impacted your actions was a key point of your Focus. And we continue to celebrate these steps via your Power.

We took pride in a glass of water and went on a road trip. What we didn’t do, what we worked to avoid, was experimentation. We don’t ever have to roll the dice with our health. Diet and exercise are as predictable as the sunrise. It’s important to acknowledge that all of us are on a diet – or rather, we have a diet. The word only describes our daily nutrient intake, whatever our intentions and goals. Your diet doesn’t have to have a name or come from a book. It can be found in common sense and Focused intentions. And you know what else can be part of it? Ice-cream.