Thanksgiving tips to stay on track

Thanksgiving is around the corner and with a holiday centered solely on food it is very easythanksgiving-dinner to overindulge.  Now there is nothing wrong with treating yourself but you can do so without going overboard.

  • Start your day with a healthy breakfast and some type of exercise.
  • Stay well hydrated throughout the day, get your water in!
  • If you are celebrating at a restaurant or are a guest in someone’s house choose to leave the leftovers behind.
  • If you are hosting the celebration make sure to send the leftovers home with your guests
  • Chew the calories you consume that day rather than drink them. Soda and alcoholic beverages can add up fast on top of a heavy meal.

Remember this is supposed to be a meal not a three day event.  Once you have enjoyed the day get back to your healthy habits right away.  The sooner you get back on track the more successful you will be this holiday season.

Nancy McBride – Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss & Behavioral Change Specialist