Star Spangled Fruit Kabobs


  • 3 large apples
  • ¼ cup orange juice
  • 1½ pounds watermelon
  • 72 blueberries (about ¾ cup)


  • Twelve 10-or 12-inch wood or metal skewers,
  • 3-inch star-shaped cookie cutter


  1. Stand each apple vertically on a cutting board. Cut two ½-inch-thick slices on either side of the core. Discard the slice with the core. Use a 3-inch star cookie cutter to cut out 12 stars from the apple slices (save scraps for another use, see Tip). Place the apple stars in a shallow dish and add orange juice; soak for 10 minutes (this will help keep the apples from browning).
  2. Meanwhile, cut watermelon into ½-inch-thick slices; use the cookie cutter to cut 24 watermelon stars (save scraps for another use, see Tip).
  3. Alternate 2 watermelon stars, 1 apple star and 6 blueberries on each of 12 skewers.
  • Tip: Don’t throw away the fruit scraps after cutting out the stars! Use the extra pieces to make fruit salad, a smoothie or even applesauce.

Suggested by Maureen K.  SOURCE: