Make yourself a priority!

cooldownwWhen schedules are tight we tend to sacrifice the time we spend for ourselves. Your workouts are your “Me” time, one of the only times during the day you can focus solely on yourself and your wellbeing.

When you have a busy day/week coming on there are a few things you can do to make sure your workouts happen.

  • Pack your gym bag the night before and have it ready to go. Make a list of everything you need for the workout and keep that list in your bag as to not forget anything. (Shoes, socks & sports bras are popular forgotten items)
  • For early morning workouts; lay your gym clothes out the night before, or even go to bed with them on (this had been done by many).
  • Plan any pre workout food and have that on hand along with your water
  • Put your workouts on your calendar just like any other appointment, and stick to your schedule

Don’t let a busy day interfere with your “Me” time, make yourself a priority! You deserve it!