Joe Benn joins the PT Fitness Team

Welcome Joe, our latest addition to the PT Fitness team.  Here is a little about Joe from his perspective.

Joe Benn – Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

When I was younger, I struggled with a severe lack of confidence. Exercise helped provide me with the confidence I had been lacking. My Heart resides in instilling confidence into my clients by giving back the control they have over their body. It’s not just about looking good, it’s about learning to control your body composition and adding stability to a part of your life that you might have lost or never had.

The journey can be tough if starting at the wrong place or spending years of trial and error,  learning things on your own. My Focus is to teach the simplest, yet most effective, approach to training and nutrition. You don’t need complicated or bland diets, insanely tough workouts or expensive supplements to lose weight and build muscle. You can also enjoy the foods you love in moderation!

Knowledge is nothing without practical application. My Power comes from knowledge in both fitness and nutrition, as well as 6 years of applying that knowledge to clients. Having worked with clients ranging from 15-60 years old, and morbidly obese to undernourished, we will work together to devise a simple, yet sustainable, plan to achieve your fitness goals!

Joe will be personal training at U Fitness Powered by PT Fitness located on Race Street.  Reach out to schedule a consultation.