December Break Room Goodies

‘Tis  the season for coworkers to bring in treats and cover the break room table with nothing but temptation.  Whether it is Madge’s famous holiday cookies or store bought cakes, we tend to sample and indulge on just about everything people bring to work the month of December.

This year we encourage you to be fussy and discerning!

If Madge’s cookies are really that wonderful and worth the extra calories then by all means enjoy one, especially if it is something you only get once a year!  Now if you are looking at a store bought snack cake that is available just about anywhere, there is absolutely nothing special about that treat and it just isn’t worth the post treat guilt.  That popcorn tin the sales rep dropped off at your office…nah, really not worth grabbing some.  Once you pull that trigger you will eat that pile of cheese popcorn even if it is stale.  Been there done that!

Once the goodies come rolling in take the time to make a conscious decision “Is this something I really want and will really enjoy”?  If the answer is yes then enjoy (in moderation).  But if that decision isn’t easily made and a debate is going on in your brain then chances are it really isn’t worth it!

Nancy McBride – Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss & Behavioral Change Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine)