Build your own Quinoa Bowl

Base: Cooked quinoa or sub in cauliflower rice*. I like to mix in a little olive oil in my quinoa once cooked.
Veggies toppings (choose as many as you like!):
-chopped red onion
-chopped bell peppers
-diced cucumbers
-spring mix (any leafy green)
-shredded carrots
Protein (aim for 4-6oz):
-grilled chicken
-white fish
-vegan chikn
Seasonings (choose from below or add any others you like!):
-black pepper
Additional tasty toppings:
-1 tbsp hummus
-feta cheese, lightly crumbled on top
Double or quadruple this recipe to have easy meals prepped for the rest of the week!
Recipe suggested Brittany B.