B’s 5 Food Tricks for Holiday Celebrations

  1. Bring something you want to eat. If its a potluck style or you’re helping cook, bring a healthier meal you prefer so you’re guaranteed to have something that fits your goals.
  2. Eat before you go. Whether its a big meal or smaller, this can help keep you away from foods you’re looking to avoid.
  3. Grab a plate, fill it & sit down. Sometimes we just need to separate ourselves from the temptations to control how much we eat.
  4. Have an accountability partner. Keep one another on track with your food goals even if you’re not together at these events.
  5. Drink that water! Drink with your meals and if you’re enjoying “holiday drinks” have a glass of water with each one.

B’s 5 – Tips from Brittany B. PT Fitness Trainer & Wellness Director