Brandon Allen – Client Spotlight

Brandon has known Ron, and been with PTF for a couple of years. He’s been coming to the Saturday classes, but looks forward to expanding his regimen. His WHY is to feel better. Fitness has always been important to him, and as he has eased into his 40s he has seen his parents age and the difficulty they now have getting around. He can already feel the aches and pains of aging, and wants to ensure that he keeps these at bay for as long as possible. Brandon feels fitness affects him on a daily basis because when he feels better he works better, lives better, sleeps better, and life is all around better every day due to his fitness level. While Brandon does make time to fit fitness into his life, he does sometimes find it tough, and his workouts tend to rollercoaster. He has found that having an accountability partner has helped him tremendously, as well as Ron checking in. He feels he gets the most out of the PTF workouts, but when he can’t make it he does small things on a daily basis around the house, such as 10 minutes of good stretching, pushups, planks, pull ups, etc. And while his workout routine can ebb and flow, Brandon makes sure that he remains consistent with his nutrition through habit. He does not track anything, or have predetermined schedules or cheat days. If he needs to splurge he does, but in moderation, and he knows that the following day’s choices will be affected by that one splurge decision. The best health and wellness advice that has helped him was given early on, and it is the importance of maintaining and prioritizing physical flexibility.
Brandon is the Principal architect at Allen Architecture, a small design firm that he runs with his wife, which focuses on modern residential design and small commercial design. The company focuses on client experience and appropriate designs rooted in the ethos “People, Place, and Process”. His favorite part about the job that he does is the creativity it affords him. He also really enjoys engaging with people personally through professional relationships. He feels you really need to get to know people and the way that they live when designing for them. You can find out more about Allen Architecture at
The best thing in Brandon’s fridge right now is a steak and salad meal from Martha & Marley Spoon meal kits. He is really looking forward to cooking it. Brandon’s favorite way to unwind after a long day is to get outside with his six year old daughter, Lula, or a good bourbon. He is currently re-learning how to do a standing back flip for the sole reason of looking cooler to his daughter. The one he did 10 years ago ended with a sprained ankle. Brandon’s favorite book is Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. His favorite movie is The Big Lebowski.