Being Healthy as a Family

Getting your family on board for a healthier lifestyle can be easier said than done.  But creating new habits slowly can be a great way to adopt new choices that will eventually become the norm.  If your family is on track that will help keep you on track as well!

  • Attempt to make small changes one at a time.

Substitute whole wheat bread for white.
Substitute lean ground turkey for ground beef in your favorite recipes

  •  Be a role model; at the nutritious foods you want your family to eat.
  • When possible sit at the table to eat dinner avoiding any distractions from TV, phone and electronics.
  • Ask your kids what fruit and vegetables they enjoy the most and keep those on hand. They won’t eat it if they don’t like it.
  • Make healthy foods accessible and readily available.

Wash and put your fruit into a snack bags when you get home from the grocery store.
Buy pre packed cut apples, baby carrots and celery for easy grabbing

  • Keep your family active!
  • Turn off the TV and have fun outside!

PT Fit Kids has free event this coming Saturday for kids and parents.  If you have kids ages 8-11 this is a great opportunity to get them moving and have some fun right along with them!

PT Fit Kids Recess 2.0
Saturday January 31, 10:30am
PT Fitness Warehouse- 500 E Northside Dr, Fort Worth
REGISTER (space is limited)