Alaina’s Speedy Stir Fry

Alaina’s Speedy Stir Fry is a simple and quick way to get together a bunch of veggies and protein all into one pan! Alaina loves whipping this dish up during her busy weeknights so that she can feel good about fueling her body with nutrient-dense food while still having time to wind down for the rest of the evening. See below to see how she puts her’s together!

– 1/4 lb chicken (or protein of choice) – marinate in teriyaki sauce (Alaina likes Primal Kitchen’s No Soy Teriyaki)- 1 cup veggies (bell peppers, baby corn, onions, garlic, broccoli, carrots & snap peas) – chop while chicken marinates- Stir fry all ingredients in pan on stove top while adding in 2 tb of teriyaki sauce for the veggies to soak up- Optional additions: brown rice and/or spicy chili sauce.

Recipe by Alaina S. PT Fitness trainer.