Thanksgiving Day Meal tip 17

Thanksgiving…not a five day meal!

Let’s face facts here when it comes to Thanksgiving it is typically just about the food.  We don’t celebrate to reenact a part of history, we get together with family to eat.  So with a holiday solely focused on food how does one stay on track?  Limit your celebration to just that one meal.

With a big Thanksgiving dinner comes big leftovers that we feel need to be eaten until every scrap of food is gone for fear of wasting the precious dishes we prepare annually.  Make it different this year with some tips form PT Fitness on starting your day and ending your day with better success.

  • Start your day with a good walk or something active
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Get your water in and really hydrate before the big meal
  • If preparing dinner prepare extra turkey but just enough side dishes to go around for the meal
  • If hosting give some leftovers to guests before they leave
  • If you are the guest and offered leftovers politely decline or just take some turkey with you

We definitely want you to enjoy your Thanksgiving meal when you sit down to dinner but keep your consumption to that ONE meal.  Enjoy your favorites and savor every bite and know when you are full your holiday indulgence stops there.

If you are worried about wasting perfectly good food just remember this.  If you eat excess food that your body doesn’t need or won’t use for energy it will be stored as fat which is still a waste (or should we say big waist).  That food is better off stored in someone else’s fridge or the trash can rather than on your body!

Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be the start of a holiday food fest that will end six weeks later.  Make it a day to enjoy your family, be thankful for all you have and know that tomorrow can be a healthy day!

Nancy McBride – Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss & Behavioral Change Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine)