PTF Team Member Feature – Nancy McBride


If you had told me 15 years ago I would be a Personal Trainer and Weight Management Coach in Texas I would have laughed hysterically and put big money on the fact that would not be the case!

At that time I was 150 pounds overweight, diabetic and suffering from knee problems due to my weight.  I was working full time in Corporate ticket sales for live Broadway Theater, and doing improvisational comedy on the weekends.  Nowhere in my life did health and fitness exist.  Professionally I was on top selling, and performing theater but physically I was a mess!  Then something changed well many things actually…

January 9, 2004 I underwent weight loss surgery and never looked back.  I took the fact I was afforded this opportunity and weight loss tool very seriously and shed 150 lbs within about 18 months.  I changed jobs, fell in love and moved to Texas in 2007 to become part of a wonderful family!

Fast forward to summer of 2010 and a Groupon popped up for PT Fitness Bootcamp.  Impulsively I hit “buy” and started working out that July.  Within the first five minutes I was debating on the money I had spent on the Groupon vs. quitting the warm up run and never coming back (not kidding).  Well one workout turned into two and before I had time to really think about it I was signing up for a second month and have never left.  PT Fitness showed me I could do things I had never imagined I could do! Mud runs, half marathons and one full marathon to name a few.  It was a great sense of community, friends and wait for it…fun.  We really cherished complaining about the workouts together and for as much as we complained we kept coming back for more!

Feeling so inspired by what Ron was doing within PT Fitness I wanted to do that too.  I experienced this very deep desire for people who were overweight to find what I had found and I wanted to go along for the ride and help them in their journey.  So in September of 2013 I became a Certified Personal Trainer with a focus on those looking to lose a significant amount of weight.  Now four years later that desire has grown even more as I started Weight Management Coaching with clients in addition to Personal Training and my beloved classes.

For as much as I have evolved over the past 14 years I truly feel much of that evolution has happened since I have become a trainer.  Having had the opportunity to work with amazing clients I feel I have become my true self.  Realizing my strengths but just as importantly my weaknesses and taking the time to make those stronger.

I maintain my weight loss because I help others do so.  The struggles I see in others keeps me aware of my own struggles and shortcomings and allow me to work through them for continued success.  I have a self-awareness I would never experience without my wonderful clients as I continue to evolve and grow.

So 14 years and many changes later and here I am.  Living in Texas with the love of my life (now known as Pop Pop & Nana) doing something I never imagined doing, but can’t imagine doing anything else!

My heartfelt thanks goes out to Phil and Taryn for loving and supporting me.  To PT Fitness and to Ron for mentoring me and making me a better trainer and continually teaching me as I have much to learn.  And of course the wonderful clients who inspire, amaze and more importantly make me smile and make my job oh so fun!


Nancy McBride – Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss & Behavioral Change Specialist