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1 Month PTF Classes $49 (Save $130) 

4 weeks or unlimited sessions plus 1 month of meal plan, and see what PT Fitness workouts are all about.  No strings attached.

This offer is to new clients!  Expires 35 days after 1st visit of purchasing.  Promotion available for a limited time only!

Buy Now - 1 Month PTF Classes $49

Free Week Pass

Use promo code “ptfheart” at checkout for a complimentary week.

This offer is to new clients!  Expires 7 days after obtaining.  Promotion available for a limited time only!  Note: Obtaining pass removes “new client” status therefore other promotions offered to “new clients” will no longer apply.

Free Week Pass

 Spouses 50% off PTF classes

Spouses receive 50% off equal or less membership. Must be done in person or email request.

Power Coaching session

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Client Referral Program 

Client and new referral will receive $50 in-store credit when referred client purchases a qualifying membership.   In-store credit may be applied to membership or retail items.

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