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What Is Your Why Summer Promo!  Get 3 Months PTF Classes $109 (Save $428) 

Join us this summer with this incredible deal.  Includes 3 months of unlimited sessions plus 1 month of meal plan. No strings attached.  

This offer is to new and alumni clients!  Expires 90 days after purchasing.  Promotion available for a limited time only!

Buy Now - What Is Your Why Summer Promo

Free Week Pass

Use promo code “ptfheart” at checkout for a complimentary week.

This offer is to new clients!  Expires 7 days after obtaining.  Promotion available for a limited time only!  Note: Obtaining pass removes “new client” status therefore other promotions offered to “new clients” will no longer apply.

Free Week Pass

 Spouses 50% off PTF classes

Spouses receive 50% off equal or less membership. Must be done in person or email request.

Power Coaching session

Schedule a Free 30 minute Coaching Session

Client Referral Program 

Client and new referral will receive $50 in-store credit when referred client purchases a qualifying membership.   In-store credit may be applied to membership or retail items.

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