Nancy McBride Journey

Let me introduce myself…

I am Nancy and for most of my childhood and adult life I spent those years either overweight or obese.  My first Weight Watchers meeting was in grade school and I also was the kid who’s Mom sent her to fat camp…more than once!

I tried every diet imaginable to lose the weight.  But as we all know when the “Diet” stops so does the weight loss and the maintenance.  And not only do we gain back our original weight but we have the new found additional pounds we didn’t know were possible.

In 2004 I found myself over 300 pounds, out of breath, with painful joints and Type II Diabetes. I knew something had to change and another “Diet” wasn’t going to do it.  I made the drastic decision for my immediate health to get Gastric Bypass Surgery to lose the weight. After surgery knowing the chance of regain was high I worked the program as directed but more importantly I changed my habits little by little to find my way to a 150lb weight loss.  And I am very proud to say that I have been maintaining that weight loss for over 12 years!

The ONLY reason that maintenance has been possible is because of the habit changes I made.  The surgery was merely a tool to help me along, but truth be told the habit changes would have made me successful without the drastic weight loss surgery.

I have a sincere desire to help people make those changes within themselves and become the healthier individual they desire to be.  And having firsthand knowledge of what you are going though I know we can work together to get you on the right path to becoming the healthy person you long to be!

Before and after pictures.

nancy 1

Nancy McBride before pic

nancy 2

Nancy after pic and now inspiring personal trainer