Healthy Habits before the Holidays

With the official start of fall that only means the holidays are around the corner.  As we all know healthy habits and exercise really start to falter once the holiday season begins.  The problem is many people feel that season starts at Halloween and doesn’t end until January 1.  That is two full months of scattered focus when it comes to your health and fitness.
Now is the perfect time to really buckle down with workouts and healthier food choices.  The habits you establish within the next month can carry you into to that holiday season with great momentum to help you with your health goals.
Set some some goals now to lay a good foundation before the holidays hit!
• Commit to your workouts and follow though by making them happen
• Take time on the weekend to plan your healthy menu for the week
• Keep up your water intake
You are the only one who can make things happen for your health and fitness goals.  If you can put some solid healthy habits into place now you are more likely to keep it up in the coming months.
Nancy McBride – CPT, Weight Loss & Behavioral Change Specialist