Cooking Classes

Free Cooking Demonstration – TBA

How do you decide what to eat each day? Is it planned ahead?  Do you wait until you’re starving to decide and then run to the nearest food source to fill your stomach without thinking?

It’s time to take matters into your own hands. Learn to cook your OWN meals, and eat foods that are restaurant quality but without the high calories
and unknown ingredients!

In the PTF cooking classes, you will learn clever tricks to implement into your daily lives that will help you enjoy cooking AND actually enjoy your own healthy creations! Impress your family and friends when you start using the tools, spices, and language of the pros. (Not to mention the impressive smell and taste of the meal that you have just prepared)

Held in the professional grade kitchen at the Ronald McDonald House of Fort worth, we will get hands-on practice and experience needed to master skills that you may not think to try on your own. No reason to say you don’t know how to cook any longer!

  • Interactive classes are limited to 25 participants
  • Classes are 1 hour
  • Next class will be held at Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth  

Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth – 1004 7th Ave, Fort Worth 76104