Changing it up!

Changing it up! Refresh yourself and your goals

Are you finding yourself in a rut or getting bored of your fitness routine?

Maybe you’ve been doing strength training only for the past 3 years, maybe you’ve gone to the same yoga studio for months, maybe running is your go-to and you’re aimlessly running without a goal.  How is your nutrition?

Here are some tips to reawaken your motivation and that inner drive that keeps you excited to be healthy and fit!

  1. Take a walk or jog in the morning. Before leaving or getting ready for the day.  I know- it’s early!  But you will feel so refreshed throughout the rest of your day! Just try it.
  2. Try a new recipe! Make something on Sunday that’s delicious.  Try this one: quinoa mango black bean recipe. Use it as a side with some chicken or as a snack between meals!
  3. Treat yourself to something: a new mat, up your weights, new workout pants/sports bra/tank, etc.  Having a fresh new shiny object to bring or wear to your workouts is always a fun thing!  Or just get a new water bottle.  Get a cute one. I’m sorry, I know this is silly, and if you follow me on social media, you may have seen me talk about how my cute water bottle helps me drink more throughout the day.  And I’m serious!
  4. Foam roll. Do you feel tight and continuously sore?  If you work out on a regular basis, you need to give your muscles some love.  When they’re all knotted up, they are shorter (think of a knot in a rope- makes it shorter!) and therefore they will not move as well as they’re supposed to.  Get those knots out with a foam roll or maybe even schedule a massage!  You will notice a difference in your next workout.
  5. Take a break.  Have you been working out 5-6 times a week for months?  Don’t lie to yourself, but if you haven’t taken a break in a while, your body might need to take a couple days off.  Some people have a hard time skipping a day.  Over-training is a real thing!  Especially if you’re not doing any muscle recovery like foam rolling. If it is purposeful -you’re doing it for a reason- then you will jump right back into your routine, and your body will thank you.
  6. If you do any of these, do this one- Plan.  Take a few moments on Sunday evening, and write down some stuff.  Write down what workouts you’re going to do this week, write down 1 goal you have, and write down a reward for yourself if you follow through.  If you prefer digital vs paper and pen, put your workouts in your phone calendar.  Write a goal on your notepad app, and screen shot to set it as your phone background.  Have you talked with your trainer or instructor lately?  Tell someone your goals.  This will add some extra accountability.  Taking a few moments before the week starts will put your mentality in a different place.

It’s always a good idea to freshen up a routine.  Going through your life day to day, habit to habit, can be good for a while.  But when you stop remembering why you are doing something WHILE you are doing it, it becomes hard to appreciate what you are doing for yourself.  Love yourself, love your body, love your workouts, love your food, and remember why you love it all!

Sharon Cole – Certified Personal Trainer